How beauty standards are created

How beauty standards are created

Beauty standards are the most dynamic features that exist in society, the standard of beauty has been different from year to year, and decade to decade. Usually, in a particular period of time, a particular idea of how people are supposed to look exists, then changes completely. In the 1800s the girls dressed was not the same as how girls dressed in the 1900s. The way people should walk, dress, talk, or look, all keep changing as time progresses.

Those standards are created by humans

Those standards are created by humans in society or end up being principled in people’s lives. Individuals will strive to reach whatever beauty standards have been set at the time, by spending money or doing whatever could be done. There were times when women were expected to look tall to be considered beautiful. This changed another time and girls were beautiful when they looked shorter.

How beauty standards are created

These standards vary from country, religion, cultures, and institutions too. The beauty standard of people in a particular country, might not be the same for another country. Certain cultures also have varying beauty standards among themselves, for example, the people of Asia, expect their women to look thin, whereas people of the black culture expect their women to look bigger.

It is easy for a standard of beauty to pass because of how conforming human beings tend to be. These hear of certain features, and they believe that should be the standard. The standards become so held up by those in society and end up creating severe insecurities for the ones who do not align with those standards. They however change again after short periods and have to conform to them again. What needs to be understood is that these standards are created by mere individuals in society who don’t usually mean much.

Another way standards get created is when celebrities, as well those with status in communities, influence the look of fans. These fans see these celebrities in certain outfits or have a particular figure and, want to look like them. Celebrities, laypeople, and influentials are all creators of beauty standards whether knowingly or unknowingly. Standards are dynamic, meaning they will keep changing. The best way to beat the issues that come with them is to try to stay as confident as possible. That is the only standard of beauty that has not seemed to change since beauty standards started, it still remains the most important beauty standard there is.

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